Person memorialzed in color

Mary Aghabekian

Mary Aghabekian

Chuck Allison

Karen Heimann

Charles Anderson

J. Steven and Miriam Crouch
John and Esther Hamer
Wilbur Snyder
Deverl and Mary Whitehead

Karen Louise Anderson

Daniel Hamblin

Marianne Baker

Robert and Marie Britton
Jeffery and Nancy Zimmerman
Kris and Ashley Luebke
Virgil and Cheryl Burke
Neal and Becky Hazen
David and Sue Wiggins
Gerald and Donna Wager
Kent and Carol Miller
Paul and Shirley Vorndran
Rosie Kallmyer
Edward and Judith Martin
Paul and Vicky Yoquelet
Kim and John Purrung
Rob Manlove and Martha Martin
Evelyn Potts and Robert Wagner
James R. and Gay K. Berlien
Doug and Karen Miller

Frank Balogh

Karen Heimann

Rose Banet

Jon and Carole Ocken

Linda Bauer                  

John and Molly Adams

Betty Beckman

Frederick Beckman

Robert Benner

Dorothy Savio

Deceased Berghoff Family Members

Richard and Martha Ryan

Dr. William Berghoff

Dr. Daniel and Mary Urban

David R. Blake

Carol and Thomas Blake

Jan Bleeke

Carol Shedd

Stephen Bock

Kathleen Bock

Denis and Richard Boterf

Janis Boterf

Dr. Jim E. Brandt

Dr. Wade and Mary Adams
Mary Felger
F.W.M.S. Foundation
Dr. John and Rebecca Hoog
Judith Joslin
Donald and Carolyn Schenkel

Dr. William Brandt

Olga Otte
Steven and Karen Woodrum
Robert and Bette Rowe
Duane Lupke
Samuel Gregory, Jr.
Donna Snook
Dr. Daniel and Mary Urban
Ahuja Cardiology
Ralph Sisco
Thomas Dixon
Allore Funeral Home
Bruce and Alice Bayman
Joseph and Kathy Schenkel

John Brickley

Stanley and Judi Meyers

Donald Briggeman

James and Mary Felts

James H Brink

Dr. Wade and Mary Adams
Dr. Michael and Janet Bangert
Kathryn Bloom
Doris Brandenberger
LaSalle Bristol
Bryan and Jynnette Herr
Thomas and Barbara Koehl
Michael and Martha Offerle
Michael and Margaret Peterson
J. L. and Mary Roussel
Donald F. Schenkel
John and Jane Surbeck
Michael and Gail Telley
Stanley and Catherine Watkins

Don Brogan

Marjorie Baumgartel

Donald Brososky

Mary Brososky

Todd Butler

Sandy and Terry Butler

Dorothy H. Burgette

Kensington Downs Villaminium Association
Janice Burgette
Jere and Pamela Burgette
Robert and Annette Chandler
Martha Garey
Grant and Linda Messmann
Patricia Tidd

James Cantello

Frances and Elizabeth Cantello

Anne Capito

Dominic and Sheila Capito

John and Apollona Capp

Robert and Alice Franz

Thomas G. Connors

Dorothy Connors

Irene Cynova

Sandra Sims

Bishop Emeritus John D'Arcy

Ronald Reece

Velma Delamarter

Elaine Schafer

Audrey Dietche

Joseph and Marianne Dietche

Michael Donie

Cynthia Beasley

Allen Duffey

Marilyn Kies
Ruth Trzynka
Dean Bultemyer
Grant and Nola Norton
Gary and Barbara Comer
Michael and Beth Ann Savieo
Thomas and Lucinda Wolf
Rick and Nanette Elder

Marilyn and Phil Dwire

Thomas and Nancy Dwire

Lynda Ellis

Anglea Fazzi
Thomas and Mary Pat Otte

Delores Fiacable

Dr. John and Rebecca Hoog

Rita Fisher

Cathleen Thompson

Sam and Fern Fluke

Curtis and Maceil Poor

Derek Frang

Katherine Crabill

Shannon Fredrick

Stephen Fredrick

Al Frauenfelder

Susan Franenfelder

George and Lottie Furman

Henry Furman

Helen Gagnon

Patricia DeFreeuw

James and Gerald Gavin

Alice D. Gavin

Edward C. Gebhard

Mary Gebhard

Joe R. Gerson

Dr. Frank and Cindy Byrne

Otto "Ray" Grogg

Ronald and Janet Grogg

Mary Catherine Hahn

David and Judith Didier

Robert G Harper

Betty Jo Harper

Jim and Ethel Hartzell

James and Nancy Hartzel

Barbara Henry

Carol Shedd
Michael Mastrangelo

Mary A. Herb

Steven Herb

Dr. James Herber D.D.S.

Dr. Michael and Sandra Hayes
Richard and Dianne Renbarger

Shirley Hiner                 

Jane Martin

Larry Hoffman

Loise Hoffman and Michelle Merkler

Andrew Mark Holloway

Jerry and Rita Holloway

Matthew Hoot

Michael and Julie Ottenweller

Mary Hooten

Michael and Janet Bergeron

Mr. and Mrs. David Huber

Barbara Klotz

Edward C. Hughes Jr

Elizabeth Hughes

Jane Irmsher MD

George Irmsher

Teresa D. Jones

Douglas Jones

Elizabeth Jordan

Victor P. Kaminski Sr.

Victor and Pamela Kaminski, Jr.

Tom and Joan Kelly

Joseph Kelly

Nick and J.P. Kinder

William Kindel

Deceased Kitch Family Members

J. D. Kitch, Jr.

Mary Alice Kleber

Thomas Kleber and Mary Joe Blair

Karen Klemm

Rebecca Van Den Driessche

Edna Kneubohler

Janice Boterf

Dorothy Knorr

Community Center Foundation Board
William Knorr

Kois Study Club

Ned Warner, DDS

Bill and Dori Lawrence

Arthur and Julie Weingartner

George Ledbetter

Dorothy Savio

Richard Lichtsinn

David and Jennifer McComb
Bill and Sandy Hand

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Litton

Arthur and Marcia Litton

Paul and Jeanette Madden

Patricia Madden

John Mann

Arthur and Marcia Litton
Dr. Michael Mastrangelo

Mary C. Martin

George Martin

Grace Mastrangelo

Dr. Frank and Cindy Byrne
Jeanne Schouweiler
Patricia O'Neill

James McArdle

Hiram and Eileen Nally
Thomas and Kathryn Felts
Eleanor Allen
Robert and Patty Jonason
Barbara Kraegel
Dr. Steven and Elissa Mrugala
James and Mary Felts
Stephen and Patricia Spoltman
Rodger and Catherine Rang
Rick and Tamara Searer-Jenkins
Ronald and Diane Menze
Renee Lord
Suzanne Libbing
L.P. and J.R. Gerardot
Glen and Julia Deitche
Carol Venderley and Kathryn Felts
James and Laura Dwire
Philip and Christine Dwire
Matthew and Christine Fabina
Ralph Deitche
Jim and Mary Bueter
Jan and Bill Gillig
Jon Broderick
Dirk and Rita Berghoff
Richard and Sue Keirns
Berton Bryan
Phyllis Fitzgerald
Robert and Sara Weigand
Mary Dwire

Nancy McCleary

Karen Sheldon
The Ulimate Club

Danella McKinley

Mark and Linda Gruch
Rudy and Marilyn Hartkopf
Brain and Renee Meeks

Dr. William Mead

Lindsay Staff
Warren and Sharon Mead


T-E Incorporated

June Moord

Marjorie Baumgartel

Joe Morreale

Vicki Morreale

Jessica Murphy

James and Rosemary Finneran

Nancy Nelson

Joanne and Don Nelson


Tamela Stark

Lloyd Ness

Mark and Jeanna Hagen

Paul Nieter

Marjorie and Joseph Motherwell

Madiline Nichols

Barbara Kraegel

Rex Nofzinger

Ruth and Ronnie Nofzinger

Anita Mae O'Connell

C. Albert Alvarez

Bernice Ocken

John and Carole Ocken

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Orum

Scott and Tracee Orum

Phillip O'Shaughnessy

Daniel and Sara Gebhart

Edward and Edith Ottenweller

Victoria Helley


Douglas and Victoria Brouwer

Marilyn Pastrick

Mitchell and Valerie Stucky

Art and Nellie Pequignot

Richard Pequignot

Susan Pequignot

Linda Hubbard
Dale and Lindsey Pequignot

Marna Pettersson

Anthony Pettersson

Dolores Phillips

Maxine Sorg

Donald Phillips

Michael and Ann McIlwain
Albert and Phyllis Cleaver
William and Catherine Upwood
David and Marianne Farnbaugh

Phyllis Pond

James and Patricia De Mond
Scott Miller

Cathy Rang

Rodger Rang

Danny Ransbottom

M. C. Ransbottom

Donald N. Reed, Sr.

Donald Reed, Jr.

Jerry Ress

Laura Ress

Patti Robb

Dr. Robert and Phyllis Robb

Elmo Roesler

Virginia Roesler

Betty Rupp

Robert and Christian Griebel
Debra Hurchinson
William and Sheri Kautz
Dean and Diane Miller
Carla Mishler
Mark and Laura O'Shaughnessy
Michael and Shirley Sullivan
Richard Poinsatte
Kenneth and Diane Post
Kevin and Catalina Rupp
Wayne and Ruth Rupp
Salem Mennonite Church
Carlton and M Joanne Sauder
Robert and Emagene Stuckey
Jeffrey and Audrey Wells

Randall Ruster

Judy Wannemacher

Deceased Ryan Family Members

Richard and Martha Ryan

Dorothy Savio

Accutemp Products, Inc.
Shelia and Mark Berning
Walter and Vera Berning
Sally Felger
Rosemary Finneran
Brett and Carla Frymier
Martha Freed
Mary and Roy Gillom
Terry and Becky Hayes
Betty Hiday
Brenda Hissong
James and Glenna Hopkins
Sandra and Robert Lemon
Louse Magoon
Ruth Marquart
Anita Schneider and family
Carol Shedd
Colleen Smith
Paul and Brynne Watts

John Schaeffer

Janet Bergeron

Jeanne Schouweiler

Barbara Kraegel

Maxine Schmidtendorff

Karen Heimann

Margaret Shane

Virgil Shane

Benjamin Smith

Keston Smith

Susie Smith

Harriet Ulmer

Mary Smith-Olson

Katherine Crabillr

Hans and Martha Sieber

Paul and Brenda Tein

Albert and Wilma Sorg

Maxine Sorg

Gery Stefanek

Gene and Kathleen Kohn

Arlo C. Stein

Eugene E. and Vivian W. Allen

Verline Stoller

Bob Strupp

Thomas and Linda Strupp

Maria Stucky

Mark and Angelica Crouch

Patricia Summers

Joseph and Sherry Venderley

Ruth Ann Swint

Scott Miller

James Thompson

Catherine Thompson

Sarah Thorton

Donald Thorton

Steven Tielker

Thomas and Cinda Gerbers

George Tkacz

Kevin and Anne Tkacz

Dolores Tempel

Joseph Tempel

Steve Troxel

Dr. Douglas and Deborah Reed
Karen Troxel

Frances Vandermark

Frederick and Diana Vandeman

Greg Vey

Georger and Ann Donner

Bonnie Weiler

Larry and Valerie Lankenau

Arthur R. Welling, Jr.

Randall and Julie Crouch
Mary Carrier
Rosalie Westropp
Robert and Sara Weigand
Dennis and Patricia Farnan
Geraldine Boyle
CPI Card Group
Dr. Lacy Hunt

Lawrence Wick

Michael and Jeanette Carey

Bob Winkeljohn

Diane Winkeljohn

Christina Wiwi

Stephen and Judy Wiwi

John Yentes

Melissa Renner
Douglas McCoy
Blair and Michelle Wieland
William and Loretta Coonan
Charles and Carol Gass
Patrice M. Pooler
Jane and Glen Naeger
John and Cassie Weldon

Wilda Irene Young

Mary Kelley

L. Ruth Yost

Parl and Brenda Teun

Doris E. Zink

Elise Koenemann

Ann Zollinger

James Zollinger



Allergy and Asthma Center

Amil and Edvin (sons)

Ermina Mustedanagic/Samir Sakanovic

Steff Andrews

Nancy Cerney

Bill and Marry Lou Arnold

Kristina and James Gill


David Hobrock

Barbara Bahrke

Dean Bahrke

Richard Beard

Sharon Baker

Suzy Beard

Craig and Pamela Finlayson

Mary Ann Bleeke

Richard and Linda Hite

Reta Borchelt

Carol Johnson

Patricia Boylan

Ned Boylan

Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Bridges

Rosemary Finneran

Dr. Frank Byrne and family

Audrey Gerson

Dan and Vicki Churchward

Majorie Motherwell

Barbara Clayton

Tina Walborn

Richard and Janice Cox

John Hopkins and Mary Cox

Andy and Katie Creighton

Dr. Scott and Anne Karr

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Dettmer

Dr. Frank and Cindy Byrne

Joe Deitche

Joseph and Marianne Deitche

Joe Dorko

Weigand Construction

Trisha Douglas

Judith Luttman

Kenneth J. Eber

Kenneth S. Eber

Ann Eckert

Thresa Johns

Roger E. Farmer

Thomas and Judith Auer

Endodontic Associates, Inc.

Ned Warner, D.D.S.

Dr. Kent Farnsworth

Franklin and Betty Sutter

Helena Finklestein

John and Carol Dare

James and Rosemary Finneran

Marjorie Motherwell

Rosemary Finneran

Landon Brown
Michael and Shirley Finneran
James Miller
Kristi and Michael Miller

Steve and Pam Fleck

Eric and Stephanie Hathaway

Volunteer Dr. Jim Frey

L. Craig and Diane Keoun

George and Lottie Furman

Henry Furman

Don and Angie Garner

Eric and Stephanie Hathaway

Steve and Pam Gleck

Eric and Stephanie Hathaway


Dorothy Koneman

Doug and Sara Harper

Betty Harper

Anne Heger

Theodore and Joanne Sobol

Dr. and Mrs. J. Edward Hill

Majorie Smith

LA Electric Co.

Kristina and James Gill

Leslie Heindel

Jared and Marilyn Heindel

Mr. and Mrs. David Huber

Barbara Klotz

Kathleen Hohl

Fort Wayne Doll Club/Sharon Vargo

Maria Jackson

Julianne Will

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson

Thomas and Susan Johnson

Maria Krach's 50th Birthday

Gregory and Corine Erlandson

Thomas Kohrman, Sr.

Michael and Karen Kohrman

Fr Daniel Leeuw

William and Nancy Crittel

Matt and Christine Lemom

Robert and Sandra Lemon

Dr. Timothy Lynch

Kenneth and Janet Vandre

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo

Robert and Karen Joppek
Gregory and Jane Schmitt
Patricia O'Neill
Robert and Kathleen Purlee
Rodney and Maureen Schroeder

Matthew 25

Janet Roe

Rev. Dale and Catharina Matthews

Frank and Betty Sutter

Jennifer McArdle

Robert McArdle

Joe and Gloria Meintel

Chris and Susan Meintel

Penney Mickey

Emi Hurley

Freda Lee Ann Miguel

Ann Eckert

James and Molly Moffitt

Justine Coudret-Kramer

Aloyse Moritz

Anne Martin
George Martin
Christine Welling

Joe and Marge Motherwell and PJ and Carol Bridges

James and Rosemary Finneran

My Brother and His Wife

Mary and Bret Bosker

Maury and Gerry O'Daniel

Laura O'Daniel

Don and Rita Offerle

John Offerle

Mark and Laura O'Shaughnessy

Jean O'Saughnessy

Ben, Michelle, Cara and Andy Ottenweller

Bruce and Julie Ottenweller

Susan Pequignot

Joseph Tempel

Dwight and Christine Pierce

David and Barbara Rumsey

Marianne Platt

Warren and Sharon Mead
Lindsay Stalf


James and Judith McChesney

Norah Grace Ramy

Gannon Ramy

Ed Rice

Alex Pursley

Matthew Roe

Janet Roe

Tama Rooney and Penney Mickey

Emi Hurley

Nancy Schenkel

Elizabeth Canavati
Betty Heck-Dennison
Robert and Phyllis Robb
Carol Shedd
Dennis and Terez Zorger

Peter and Earl Smith

Michael Mastrangelo
Catherine Smith

Michael Snyder

Thomas and Linda Stark

Sam Stirlen


Rith Ann Swint

John and Patricia Pfister

Pam Thomas

Julianne Will

Tuesday Night Card Club

Dale and Marlene Scherman

Ralf F. Waikel

Charlotte and Richard Waikel

Jeffery Walker

Joan Wickham

Tim and Nina Wedge's 50th Anniversay

Jerry and Rita Holloway

Will Parents

Darrell and Susan Will

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Wright

Keith and Vicki Kruse