Person memorialized in color

Carol A. Achleman

Max Achleman

Robert Alderdice

Joanne Alderdice

Charles Anderson

Dale and Edith Smith

Karen Louise Anderson

Stephen Geimer
Daniel Hamblin

Jane Avery

Carol Shedd

Norma Azar

Barbara Kraegel

Margaret Babel

Anthony and Joan Nern

Rose Banet

John and Carole Ocken

Robert Bauman

John Bauman

William Beasley

Cynthia Beasley

Joseph Becker

Barbara Becker

Louis and Hilda Becker

Rosalie Cummings

Rita Belot's daughter

Janet Bergeron

Patricia L. Boylan

Ned Boylan

Jim and Carl Brink

Martha Hernandez

Don Brogan

Marjorie Baumgartel

Donald F. Brososky

Mary L. Brososky

Chris Brough

Suzanne Libbing

Nancee Bryson

John and Patricia Becker

Ronald and Dorothy Burgette

Janice Burgette

Anne Capito

Dominic and Sheila Capito

Richard and Phyllis Clark

Bruce and Deborah Guebard

Daniel Coussens

Karen Sue Heimann

Jim Crabill

Katherine Crabill

Geri Craft

Collen Doyle
William Craft
Harriet Motz
Kathy Smith
Regina Koffman
Mary Lou Smith and Family
Sandra Vergeson
Dan and Maridell Hafner
Ken and Joyce Heckman
Jack and Anita Kintz
Elayne M. Davis-Johnson
Jack Vantil
Jim Motz
Mike and Sue Hosier
Ted and Julie Sorg
Mike Stauffer
Matt and Rhonda Hinsey
Carl and Naureen Ehinger
Alma Smith
George and Lois Neuhaus
Steve and Nancy Bruder
Brad Faurote
Mike and Sara Clendenen
Ed and Susan Hugenard
Delphia Lauer
Brian Smith
Tom and Cheryl Faurote
Bob and Alice Hafner
Eve France

Glenn Crowl

Brian and Sandra Crowl

Milo and Trudy Darnell

Thomas and Linda Strupp

Michael Donie

Cynthia Beasley

John Freistoffer

Gene and Kathleen Kohn

Joseph and Irene Fonseca

Irene and Marcia Norris

Bud Foote

Audrey Foote

Dr. Charles Frankhousen

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo, MD

George and Lottie Furman

Henry Furman

Agnes Gabrek

Janet Bergeron

Marcella Gamble

James and Nancy Gamble

Harriet Gebhard

Andrew Gebhard

Donald Goneau

Janet Bergeron

Claire Gorman

Robert Gorman

Maxine Greene

Linda Maynard

Dr. John L. Grutsch

David and Betty Bojrab

Donald and Marsha Cochran

Theresa Grutsch

Betty Heck-Dennison

Jim and Cindy Hoch

Helen Laws

Richard and Julie Nill

Joseph and Kathy Schenkel

Richard and Joan Schmidt

Mary Wiegand



Norman Haber

Kenneth and Norma Daniel

Richard Hart, Jr.

Jenny Lentz

Lois Herber

Karen Heimann

Gloria Harshbarger

Matthew, Barb and Catherine Chung

Ofelia Herrero

Hichael Barnet

Tara and Norma Hodge

Alan and Elizabeth Belschner

Michael Hoehn

Deborah Hoehn

Dr. Art and Mary Hoffman

John and Barbara Hoffman

Andrew Mark Holloway

Jerry and Riat Holloway

Jane Irmscher

George Imrscher MD

Marvin Jacobs

Gerald and Rose Jacobs

Daniel Jehl

David and Theresa Berghoff
John and Martha Berghoff
eil and Patrica Hayes

Teresa Jones

Dougla Jones

Art and Irene Jur

Andrew and Patricia Wyss

Lily Kateri

Michael and Karen Richardville

Helen Kessler

Joseph Kessler

Saijda Khan

Mohammed I. Khan

Marcie Kiebel

Sandy Jones

St. Catherine of Siena Music Ministry

Ronald Coil and Dawn and Allan Hoffman

Kevin and Annette Kinnison

Stanley and Karen Hosteler

Jerome and Mary Coil

Joan Thoorsell

Margaret Anderson-Harper

S. Norman Bonahoom

William Kies

Carol Puls

Dorothy Knorr

William Knorr

Helen Koehlinger

David Koehlinger

John and Marjorie Koorsen

Joanne Causey
Ronald Koorsen
Jeanne Meyers

Joseph E. Kramer

Justine Kramer

Laura Kramer

William and Marilyn Wunderlin

Amy Krueger

Mercedes Krueger

John E. Krueger MD

Dennis and Patricia Farnan
Fort Wayne Medical Society
Dr. Charles Frankhouser
Jim and Judy Frey
James and Maria Geyer, Jr.
Pamela Hansen
Arlie and Vivan Hatch
Robert Heiny
Steven and Susan Hoagburg
Molly Houlihan
Jane Keltsch
Dr. and Mrs. Don Lahrman
Dr. Elfred and Mary Lampe
Marilyn Larson
Doris Laughlin
Sharon Laughlin
Thomas and Carol Ann Logan
Michael Mastrangelo MD
Rick and Beth Mettler
Stephen Mettler
Joseph and Cheryl Muhler II
Edward Neufer
Margaret Nolan
John and Michelle Persinger
James and Susan Poiry
Maryellen Rice
Carl and Pat RolfsenRichard and Martha Ryan
Carolyn Schloss
Jane Scudder-Clark
Marjorie Smith
J. Phillip and Carolyn Tyndall

Mercedes Krueger

Marilyn Huhn


Eileen Kryder

Janice Migliaccio

Teddy Kurek

Anthony and Marcella Cantasano

Dr. Gene Laker

Michael Mastrangelo, MD

Mary Lampe

Marjorie Smith

Dominic and Marian Lancia

Jamie Lancia

Mary Laukhuf

Judith Wannemacher

Diane Lawson

Ronald Lawson

Bonnie Lehman

Douglas and Vicki Butler
Tracy Cross
Terry and Melodie Cornelius
Jerry and Sharon Curbox
Larry and Patricia Daniels
Decatur Dental Servies, Inc.
Nancy Herman
Phillip and Rebecca Holycross
Gilbert and Lois Lehman
Vernon and Jeanine Laegacher
Larry and Sheila Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. David Schultz
Thomas and Helen Smith, MD
Daryl Yost

Dennis Leininger

Kinjal and Robin Amin
Craig and Margaret Balliet
Philip and Marsha Barkey
Richard and Susan Bigler
Rex and Anita Bowlin
Virgil and Cheryl Burke
J. Nelson Coats
Camparet and Company
Carol Deason
Shawn and Angela Demarest
Dulin, Ward and DeWald, Inc.
Parul and Mary Everett
Kenneth and Ellen Gast
Kevin and Christina Irons
Roderick and Ann Kerry
Sarah Lawson
John and Susan Langas
Janet Leininger
Raymond and Kathleen Lewandowski
George and Janet Lewis
Judy Pack and Richard McAlpine
Roger and Sally Melcher
Kenneth and Carol Miller
Larry Misner
Kenneth Nicolet
Barbara Parker
Cary and Lenore Pierce
Michael and Molly Schreck
Gregory Smith
Cynthia Spisak
Karen Thong and Siong Pod
J and K Volmerding
Bill and Nancy Waechter and family
Kevin and Kathleen Ward
Richard and Heather Willison

Kay Leslie

Clay and Connie Emley
Laura Hildebrand


Sylvia Stephens

Evelyn Linder

Carl Linder

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Litton

Arthur and Marcia Litton, II

Ardis Lunz

Eugene and Flo Rose

Anges McArdle

Sarah Ward

Donna Windmiller

Thomas and Capitola Castle

Loretta Hauser

James and Marjorie Harvey

Barbara Kraegel

Willard and Nena Clark

Charles Momper

Ronald and Diane Menze

Carol Ward

Suzanne Horton

Phyillis Fitzgerald

Anges and Jim McArdle

Dr. and Mrs. michael Hoog

Jerry McArdle

Timothy and Luann McArdle

Dr. McCallister

Carol Venderley

John McGuire

Steve and Diane Snouffer

Paul and Jeanette Madden

Patricia Madden

Stan Magda

Andrew and Sharon Gleisner

Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Maloney

R. J. Maloney

Nancy Manske

Jennie Manske

Mickey Markow

Rob and Jennifer Guebard
Leona, Lishie and Laynie
Joan Luther
Ray and Nancy Moore
Kermit and Charlotte Robinson

Mary C. Martin

George C. Martin Charitable Fund

Timothy Martin

Raymond and Claire Martin

Grace Mastrangelo

80/20 Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Michael Mastrangelo

Patricia O'Neill

John Matera

Helen Matera

Ue Meaux

Curlis Meaux

Tom Menze

Pat Volmerding
Don and Carol Menze
Daniel Taylor
Jeff and Barb Reed
Kathryn and Gene Menze

Sarah Miles

Thomas and Colleen Miles

Harriet Modezjewski

James and Patricia Brotherson

Zandra Dickmeyer
Andy and Jill Downs
Karen and Greg Giant
Daniel and Nancy Hamlin
Steven and Tana Harter
Charlene Holly
Pam and Jay Miller

Charles Momper's sister

Janet Bergeron

June Moord

Marjorie Baumgartel

Aloyse Moritz

Lori Anthony
M. Dell Ford
Victoria Halley
Robert Heiny
Thomas and Carol Ann Logan

Anne Martin
George C. Martin Charitable Fund
Carol Shedd
Clare Skevington
Eugene Timm
Nancy Ulrich

LaDora Mosher

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scheider

Jessica Murphy

James and Rosemary Finneran

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Murphy

James and Rosemary Finneran

Nancy Jo Nelson

Don and Joanne Nelson

Don Nickerson

Dennis and Geraldine Nickerson

Rex Nofzinger

Ron and Ruth Nofzinger

Peggy O'Conner

Audrey O'Conner
David and Laurie Russell

Fr. Tom O'Conner

Benjamin Harris

Bernice Ocken

John and Carole Ocken

Janet Ottenweiler

Charla Bentz
E. Colchin
D. O. McComb and Sons
Thomas and Nancy Dwire
Mary Flaig
Greg and Molly Gabet
Valerie Goodwin
Charlene Holly
Christine Hootman
The Literacy Alliance
Lutheran Rehab
Agnes McArdle
Eric and Susan Olsanski
Percy and Rebecca Talati
Anthony and Lynnette Till
David and Pamela Watts
Gregory and Cynthia Wirtner

Nelson and Janet Ottenweiler

Victoria and Walter Halley

Phyllis Pelkington

Gene and Kathleen Kohn

Susan Pequignot

Linda Hubbard
Joe and Dee Trempel

Lola Mae Plasters

Sherry and David Hardy

Dr. James Platt

American Dental Association
Bruce and Susan Bartley
Virginia Bokern
Mary Bougher
Alice Chitwood
Mary Danusis Cooper
Wendell and Mary Cree
Luci Foltz
Dr. and Mrs. James Frey
Gail Hamm

Marcy Hanson
Indiana State Board of Accounts
Michael and Deborah Judy
Dr. Linda Kaufman
Barbara Lingle
Richard and Beverly Lingle
Drs. Tim and Kelly Lynch
Louise Magoon
Dr. Michael Mastrangelo
David Matthews DDS
Glenn and Carolyn Mead
Warren and Sharon Mead
Ralph and Maxi Merkel
Dan and Elizabeth Noll
Christian and Martha Nordin
Edwin and Beverly Norman
Orthodontic Specialty Services
Mike and Rita Osborne
Pricella Osborne
Richard and Joyce Pacer
Fran Page
Joseph and Lindsay Platt
Joe and Maria Sciole
William and Lenore Serstad
Timothy and Barbara Shambaugh, DDS
Donn and Mary Spilman
Dan and Janet Stalf
Richard Stalf
Dr. Mark Stetzel
Steve and Martha Strock
Richard and Sheli Taulbee
Joe and Jane Wagoner
Geral and Mary Winters

Paul Post

Mary Aghabekian
Thomas and Barbara Brown
Jerry and Marianne Cox
James and Hazel Crandal
Joseph and Jill DeCamp
Bill Doskins
Susan Eames
Mel and Pat Grabner
Carl Griebel
Jim and Jill Griebel
Roger and Heidi Griebel
Tom and Sheryl Griegel and family
Rose Giffith
Sharon Hare
Mark and Marica Hollopeter
Parry, Tina and Luca Leavell
Lima Road Dentistry
Linda Neely
Scott and Kathleen Pepple
Darrell and Marilyn Post
Kenneth and Diane Post
Paula Post and Tom Hutton
Robert and Christina Griebel
Stephen and Deborah Griebel
Ed and Annette Richardson
Stan and Joan Richter
Steven and Nancy Reith
Daniel and Vicki Roth
Bonne Smith

Alex Pursley

Michael McKinley

Cathy Rang

Rodger Rang

Danny Ransbottom

Maurice Ransbottom

Mr. and Mrs. MC Ransbottom

Pamela Reece

Ronald Reece

Donald N. Reed Sr.

Dr. Donald and Joellen Reed, Jr.

Marie Reyburn

Nancy Kilduski and Beth Lauer
Dr. Eugene McGarvey
Christine Weling
Christina Winkler

Jerry Riester

Rebecca Zurcher

Lillian Rigsby

Dr. Scott Miller


Adam Ritchhart

Marvin and Jo Ann Ritchhart

Joel Roach

Jeffrey and Julie Cusick

Jerry Rosswurm

Judith Wannemacher

Esther Roth

William and Gloria Asman MD
Barbara Chamberlin
Steven and Cynthia Cobb
Barbara Collins
John and Patricia Diemer
Robert and Rebecca Hollo
Margie Kallenback
Fritzy Ober
Honoarary Pi Chapter of PSI IOT
Charles and Susan Putt
Geraldine Raupfer
David and Margaret Roth
Garry and Pamela Shaaf
Paul and Dorothy Shaffer
Susan Stroble

Kent Roudebush

Denise Roudebush

Jean Salge

Michael and Beth Johnson

Steven Sappenfield

Barbara Stanski

Dolores Schmidt

Carole Tenbarge

Walter Schoenleis

Matthew, Barb and Catherine Chung 

Donald Shipe

Janice Shipe

Norma Shock

Keith and Jacqueline Nichols

Mark Slagle

Martha Reeder

Benjamin R Smith

Keston Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Smith

John and Joan Zeiger MD

Peter E. Smith

Catherine Smith

Richard Sobasky

Scarlet Sobasky

Maxine Sorg's Family

Maxine Sorg

Betty Sprunger

Harold Sprunger

Joseph Wm. Stevens

Don and Kearen Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stirnkarb

E. Scott and Tracee Orum

Msgr. Joseph Stoerlein

Eugene Delaney (my uncle)

Bob Strupp

Thomas and Linda Strupp

Paul and Maria Stuckey

Mark and Angela Crouch

Rosemary Van De Keare-Schmitt

Frank Schmitt

Helen Terrulli