Person memorialized in color

Jill Alberson

Alma Alberson

Tom Alexander

Dan, Shawn, Josh, Samantha, and Joe Bohnstedt

Linda Allen

Ginny Bartels
Sara Ann Brielmaier
Gloria Davis
Herbert and Sharon Gillen
Mary Jane Goble
Julie Hecke
Alan and Janet Lawson
Russell and Nancy Leach
Ron and Sharon Lewellyn
John Quick

Charles Anderson

Lloyd and Edith Smith

Christena Anderson-Parrish

Charles Parrish

Dan Anderson

Theresa Anderson

Karen Louise Anderson

Dan Hamblin

Katherine M. Annis

Richard and Colleen Annis

Ken Arend

Terry and Suzamme Gerardot
Thomas and Susan Lough
Rodger Rang
John and Kthleen Reinking
James and Joyce Rettig
Scott and Jolene Sanderson
John and Nancy Shumlas
Catherine Thompson
Paul and LInda Till
David and Jusy Wilkins
Ctherine and Norman Zeigler

Richard and Mary Babel

Anthony and Joan Nern

Andrea Balser

Stephen and Sandra Morrell

Dr. Ed Baltes

James Edlund

Rose Banet

Jack and Carole Ocken

Jim Beauchot

Charles and Judith Irvin

Louis and Hilda Becker

Rosalie Cummings

Joseph Bernardi

Bill and Diane Stockinger

Harold and Carolyn Blauvelt

Jack and Theresa Blauvelt

Audrey Bobay

Dorothy Drew

Carolyn Bohnstedt

Dan, Shawn, Josh, Samantha, and Joe Bohnstedt

Ken Bohnstedt

Karen Bohnstedt

Richard, Helen and Dennis Boterf

Janis Boterf

Jack Boyd, DDS

David and Janet Engle

Patricia Boylan

Ned Boylan

Elizabeth Bridgewater

Chris Bridgewater

Donald F. Brososky

Mary L. Brososky

William Bryan

Dr. Ralph Merkel
Beckman Lawson, LLP
Lima Road Dentistry
Lumident, Inc.

Ronald and Dorothy Burgette

Janice Burgette

Donald L. Caffee

Jeffrey and Deborah Jones

Rheba Carlson

Karen Heimann

Brian Cerney

Nancy Cerney

Mrs. Min Cchen Chang

Dr. Chung-Seng Lee

Ivan Chemerenko

Don, Sharon and David Bell
Margaret Freiburger
Audrey Frison
Angela Hull
Skip and Joyce Lesh
Edwin and Anne Lovett
Steve and Jane Mishler
Mary Moreno
Erick Springer
Barbara Weinert
Mark Weinert

Russel V. Choka

Helen Choka

Douglas Chung, MD

Dr. Matthew Barb & Dr. Catherine Chung

Beresford Clarke

Lucy Rice-Clarke

Clifton W. Collins, Sr.

Beverly Jordan

Diane Compton

Margaret Freiburger
Helen Frost Thompson
Susan Koenemann
Rodger Rang
Charlene and Vincent Jr. Wirter

Maxine Conrad

Connie Kovas

William Coonan

Betty Heck-Dennison

Dorothy Coplen

Robert Coplen

Helen Crist

James and Carol Crist

Anisa and Ed Dicke

David and Linda Erdman

Janet D'Italia

Beverly Wassouf

Helen Dixon

M. Dorothy Craig
Nila Jean Crawford
Robert and Elizabeth Doelling, Jr.
Dave and Marianne Farnbauch
Rex and Anita Farver
Gregory and Molly Gabet
Richard and Judith Gatton
John and Patricia Gaughan
Dr. Steven and Joyce GlockWilliam Grant
Dennis and Jeanette Hatfield
James and Patricia McFadden
John and Marie Nowlan
Nancy Reitenour
Carl and Patricia Rolfsen
Carol Venderley
Gregory and Cynthia Wirtner

Thomas Dixon

Cynthia BurkeNila Jean Crawford
Robert and Elizabeth Doelling, Jr.
Dulin, Ward & DeWald, Inc.
John and Patricia Gaughan
Dennise and Jeanette Hatfield
Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Michael and Susan Moore
Jean Reifenberg
Nancy Reitenour
CJ and Jennifer Steigmeyer
Gregory and Cynthia Wirtner

Tom and Helen Dixon

Paul and Patricia Cousins
Pearl Beach Association

Jeffrey Doner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Doner

James E. Dumas, DDS

Steve Dumas

Marilyn and Phil Dwire

Tom and Nacy Dwire

Horace Dykhuizen

Annabelle Dykhuizen

Ronie and Joe Dynako

Dave and Terry Dynako

Thomas J. Eckrich, Sr.

Christopher and Carol Eckrich

William Otto Ehrman

Mary Dwire

Brian C. Evard

Megan Evard

Terry and Norma Everett

Alan and Angie Severs

James Felts

David and Sheryl Avery
Charles Barnes
Timothy and Terri Berry
Darrell and Constance Blanton
David and Ann Bobilya
Thomas and Nacny Boyer
Thomas and Laura Braun
Pam Brummit
Kathryn Callen
Cecile Charais
Cheryl Cooney
Tom and Cathy Cummings
Robert and Teresa Davis
Maria DeNicola
Terry and Debbie Diller
Richard and Joyce Doust
Jonathan and Dana Fillmore
James and Peggi Grimes
Patricia Haefling
James and Anne Heger
Matthew Henry
Phil Henry
Gertrude Herber
Maureen Hillary
William and Nancy Hopkins, Jr.
Richard and Sue Keirns II
Daniel and Rebecca Kelker
Patrick and Patricia Kiel
Margaret Kiester
Diane King
Dan and Sara Kitch
Bob and Jodi Korte
Todd Larson
Matthew and Maureen Leugers
Marcia Linsky
Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Mary McArdle
Timothy and Jennifer Miller
Charles Momper
Allan Murnane
Nicole Nicoloff
Amy Noe
John O'Brian
Daniel and Angela O'Neill
John Powell
Rodger Rang
Karen Raupfer
Walter and Mary Ann Riebenack
Marsha Roehling
James and Anne Saul
Fry and J.A. Schindler
Sue Seculoff
Donald and Roseann Simmons
Lynn and Dorace Smith
Stephen and Anne Smith
John and Jane Surbeck, Jr.
Charles and Lynn Venderley
Mark and Mary Venderley
Richard Weber
Michael and Mary Ann Ziembo
Allen Circut Court
Beckman Lawson, LLP
Gordon Food Service
Pray Ministry of Holy Spirit Church, Inianapolis, IN
IN State Bar Association Leadership
Shine and Hardin LLP

Charles Fischer

David and Margaret Burnau
Lois Curtis
Sandra Gerhart
Richard and Carol Germond
Michael and Michelle Herald
Mark and Barbara Heuer
Rober and Kelly Kohlmeyer
Marvin and Judith Krueger
Diane Mercedes
Dennis and Connie Murphy
David and Lynne Pollifrone
Donald and Karen Ritter, Jr.
Sandra Tone

Madolyn R. Fisher

Robert Fisher

William Fitzgerald

Phyllis Fitzgerald

Samuel and Fern Flicke

Marceil and Curtis Poor

Bud Foote

Audrey Foote

Sandy Franz

Katherine Crabill

Rev. Richard Frazier

Sally Frazier

Stefan, Lottie, George Furman

Henry Furman

Franklin Fyock

Dorothy Frock

Alice Gavin

Gerald and James Gavin

David Genda

Sharon Johnston

Linda Graham

Elaine Cowen

Colleen Griffith

F. Lauren Griffth

Merle Grimm

Betty Grimm

Janis Hague

George and Phyllis Oberlin

Susan Hammen

Ned Bynum
David Egts
Matth and Beth Freistoffer
Greg and Arlis LaMaster
Jake and Leslie Miller
Nancy Murphy
Joe and Annette Stockard

Pastor Darrol Heggen

Penny Heggen

Tom Helmkamp

Dave and Pat Helmkamp

James Herber, DD.

Rchard and Dianne Renbarger

Barb Henry

Nick henry

David A. Hess, Jr.

David and Karen Hess

Dolores M. Hill

George Hill

Dr. Art and Mary Hoffman

John and Barbara Hoffman

Walter "Bo" Hollis

Rochell Hollis

Andrew Mark Holloway

Jerry and Rita Holloway

Jerry Holloway

Joyce Andrew
Karla Aumsbaugh
Jane and Edward Clark
Juanita Clark
Dr. SuseelaDoravari
Francis and Avis Frellick
Nancy Galuoppo
Karen Gilb
Nancy Gouloff-Grabner
Dick and Vicki Grogg
Walter and Carol Grogg
Greg and MargAret Kayser
Edward and Roberta Meinzen
Bill and Armella Pierce
Christopher and Ginger Pierce
Neil and Sue Pierce
Robert and Lisa Schwarz
Donna Snook
Emmanuel St. Michael Lutheran School

Matt Hoot

Michael and Julie Ottenweller

Ken Hutchinson

Carolyn Hutchinson

Nancy Irvin

Charles and Judith Irvin

Teresa D. Jones

Douglas K. Jones

Becky Joseph

Peter Joseph

Patricia Kelker

Mary McArdle

James E. Kelley

J. Michael and Roberta Kelley

Jack and Geneve Kitch

Dana and Sara Kitch

Mary Alice Kleber

Thomas and Mary Jo Kleber

Dorothy Knorr

William Knorr

Dot Knorr

William Knorr

Douglas Knuth

Dorthy Knuth

Joan Kohrman

Troy and Camille Bartel
Timothy and Terri Berry
Gregory and Connie Byrd
Susan Delaney
Thomas and Kathryn Felts
Lisa Girardot
Geary and Janey Hoy
Lucille Johnson
Michael Kohrman
Thomas and Karen Kohrman
Stephen Kelley Nelson
Joseph and Lindsay Platt
LuAnne Rayl
Julie Roberts
Edward and Deborah Schmieman
Donald and Dona Sell

John and Marjorie Koorsen

Ronald Koorsen

Thaddeus Kurek

George and Linda Brinker

Lorraine Lanoue

Ronald Lanoue

Bonnie Lehman

Amy Lehman

Dennis Leininger

Evert and Susan Mol

Frank Lerch

Dennis and Patricia Farnan
William Franke
Ron and Sue Glotzbach
Len and Betti Guthier
M. Hillenhagen
Gerard Kessens
Steve and Karla McArdle
Todd and Tamara Speaks
Mr. & Mrs. D. Wenzel

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Litton

Arthur and Marcia Litton

Louis Machall

Mary Machall

Gerald and Mae Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Maloney

John Mann

Gale Mann

Maynard Mansfield

Sharon Slack

Jane Martin

James Dumas
Dr. Jim and Judy Frey

Grace Mastrangelo

Jack Siefert

Agnes McArdle

Mary Craighead
Stephen and Karen Leffers

Gloria McNabb

John McNabb

William F. Mead, DDS

Warren and Sharon Mead
Dan and Janet Stalf

Sathy Menon

Mohan Menon

Tom Menze

Kenneth and Linda Moudy
Douglas and Nancy Thompson

Theresa R. Miller

Lori Miller

Emmet and Florence Mills

Scott Mills

Aloyse Moritz

Christine Welling

Jessica Murphy

Jim and Rosemary Finneran

Jessica R. Murphy

Patrick and nancy Murphy

Richard Murphy

Murphy's Annual Invitational

Alvin and Juanita Myers

Rebessa Dawson

Allen Nance

Robert Nance

Nancy Jo Nelson

Don and Joanne Nelson

Peter O'Beirne

Charles and Barbara Pingree

Mary Helen O'Brian

John and Molly Adams
Bernice Ocken Jack and Carole Ocken

Peggy O'Connor

Jim and Kathleen Vachon

Gerry Maury O'Daniel

Laura O'Daniel

Jean O'Shaughnessy

Mary Aghabekian
Bob and Debbie Arnold
Linda Blathaser
Mike and Janet Bangert
Suzanne Beard
Esther Boyd
Chuck and Linda Chapman
Martha Charles
Kent and Susan Clark
Bill and Terri Close
George and Mary Cooper
Denise Conrad
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Dettmer
Wayne and Helen Donnell
Barbara Duch
William and Maire Dwight
Brian and Judy Fehlhaber
Jeffrey and Therese Freiburger
Francis and Avis Frellick
Jim and Judy Frey
Dan and Leah Gabrek
Jim and Nancy Gamble
Dan and Sara Gebhart
Mary Gilliom
Paul and Kristy Grabowski
David Gray
Carl Griebel
Jim and Jill Griebel
Robert and Christina Griebel
Roger and Heidi Griebel
Tom and Sally Gutwein
Frank and Nancy Hudson
David and Patricia Janizek
Michael Jaurigue
Swapna Joseph
Michael and Leslie Kitch
Ron and Pat Kohart
Jim and Diane Lasley
Phil and Cindy Laux
Robert Lemon
Denise Leu
Dr. Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Daivd Matson
Ermina Mustedanagic
Rich and Cindy Otler
Kenneth and Diane Post
Donald Retterbush
David and Kimberly Rulli
Mark and Mary Jo Rumancik
Bill Schilling
Dave Schleinkofer
Carol Shedd
Anne Sullivan
Roger and Brenda Valliere
Beth Walker
Marsha Worthington
Douglas and Carla Yoder
The Ducker Family
The Newton Family
The Schwaberow family
The Zelt Family
Nephrology Associates Physician Staff
Parkview Health HR
Parkview Medical Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Orum

Scott and Tracee Orum

Vernon and Vera Otte

Jim and Sue Poiry

Eugene Parker

Jim and Elaine Berning
Michael Davis
William Ihssen
Lynn and Janet Lipp
Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Steven and Rita Noel
Joseph and Mary Novosel
Jerry and Shelly Phillippe
Gary Probst
Rosemary Sweet
Benson Transport
Fire Police City Count FCU
Dulin, Ward & DeWald, Inc.
First Federal Bank
First Impresions Family Dental
Burt, Blee, Dixon, Sutton & Bloom, LLP
Kirt Grable & Lori Barnhart

Trevor Patton

Sarah Patton

Susan Pequignot

David Patton

Patricia Perkins

Warren Perkins

James Platt, DDS

Cheryl Phillips
Marianne Powell-Platt

Marian M. Presley

Donald and Joellen Reed, Jr.

Louise Quirk

Carol Shedd

Cathy Rang

Rodger Rang

Danny Ransbottom

Maurice Ransbottom

Pam Reece

Herman and nancy Riecke

Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Reinking

Michael Reinking

Joel Roach

Jeff and Julie Cusick

Virginia Roesler

Jennifer Young

Margaret Russell

Claudia Burrus

Rose and Jim Ryan

Tim and Kathleen Ryan

Hank Salge

Bryan and Stacy Engelhaupt
Dan and Jo Ann Fisher
John and Connie Kennerk
Carol Salage
Paul and Lonne White

Ron Scheffer

Mr. and Mrs. Don Bobay
Paula Brumfield
Angela Chester
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gibson
Bernard and Jane Kearns, Jr.
Luann Kleinschmidt
Carl and Sharon Minick
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Pomeroy
Pamela Rose
Barbara Scheffer
Mr. and Mrs. James Zimmerman

Erin "Mick" Schenher

Jeffrey and Vicki Schenher

Eugene and Alice Scherer

Elaine Schafer

Warren "Pork" Sexton

Tony and Pat Becker
Kathryn Bloom
Deborah Burns
Carol and Mel Claymiller
Carolyn Davis
Barb and Jim Delventhols
Ronald and Shirley Eglody
Russ and Donna Hanson
Sue Harrington
Patrick Kelker
Penny Koehl
Michael and Sherill Mourey
Stephen and Sherill Myers
Loren and Naomi Nichter
Joyce Racine
Beverly Rayl
Dorothea Roeger
Carole Schneider

Paul Shaffer

Dorothy Shaffer

Virgil Shane

Margaret Shane

Cecilia Sherlock

Keith and Phyllis Jackson

Herman Shippers

Schenkel Construction

Hans and Martha Sieber

Paul and Brenda Tein

Wendy Sieber

Paul and Brenda Tein

Vincent Slater

Shirley Slater

Gideon and Lorraine Smith

Keston Smith

Mary Catherine Smith

Katherine Crabill

Rose Marie Smith

Irma Vanderbosch

Mary Smith-Olson

Katherine Crabill

Mike Snyder

Linda Stark

Louis and Agnes Sobasky

Scarlet Sobasky

Donald Stone

mark and Kristine Witte

Maurenn Stevens

Robert and Eileen Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stirnkorb

Scott and Tracee Orum

Donald Stone

Dianne bezdon
Linda Bower
Keith and Doris Byer
Mike and Anne Marie Dammeyer
Time and Lisa Ellert
Dave and Karen Gick
Bill and Mary Goeglein
Charlie and Rose Hillman
Chris Klefeker
Joyce Larimore
Mike and Donna Osborn
Thomas and Lisa Patten
Denise Roudebush
Lisa Smith
Patricj and Mary Stone
Zachry Waterson
Ambassador Enterprises
PHP, Inc.

Robert Throckmorton

Jean Lavine
Tom and Sherrie Spann
Cathy Voors

George Tkacz

Judith Tkacz

Vera Tobas

Dionne Hladin

Daniel Tobey

Amy Beatty
Linda and Dean Duesler
Kenneth Ellenberger
Theresa Parkanzky
Sarah Schwaiger
Ed and Jusy Tobery
Ellenberger Brothers, Inc.

Stephen Ueber

David and Donna Dent

Thomas Ueber

Eugene and Ilene Saalfrank

Richard Vanderwall

Erma Vanderwall

Ken Vandre, Sr.

Mary Vandre

Dolores Van Tyl

Dave and Torey Dynako

Bill Voors

Debra Voors

Richard C. Waikel

Marie Murdock

Sr. Helen Watkins, PHJC

Martha R, Smith

Bob Watson

Karen Heimann

Dick Waymire

Emily Barron-Casella and Family

Sally Weigand

Robert and Sara Weigand

Frank and Bev Wenk

Cameron and Teresa Sheets

Susan Westfall

Karen Heimann

Haley Wetherill

Dr. Michael Mastrangeli, MD

Thomas Winans

Wanda Lingo

Bob Winkeljohn

Diane Winkeljohn

Dr. Keith Yoder

Thomas and Janeen DeCamp

L. Ruth Yost

Paul and Brenda Tein

Maxine Young

Gerald Young

David and Nicole Zimmerman

Gary and Martha Zimmerman

Doris Zink

Kenneth and Elsie Koenemann


Charles and Theresa Piwowar

The Brink and Eifert Families

Martha Hernandez

Grandparents of Sam and Jamie

Sam and Jamie Shumaker

Hensler and Schimmele Family

Stephen and Sharon Hensler

The Joseph Becker Family

Barbara Becker

L. Ruth Yost and Wendy Sieber

Paul and Brenda Tein

The Lothamers

Kathleen Wilson

The Reber Family

Catherine Carlson

Ryan and Berghoff Families

Richard and Martha Ryan

Sr. Catherine Ann

Elaine Schafer

In memory of 10 yrs. Volunteering at Matthew 25

C.L. Stucky


Person honored in color

Travis Baum

Greg Baum

Jan Bergeron

Catherine Forbing

Bob and Laura Berghoff

Greg Berghoff

John and Martha Berghoff

Greg Berghoff

Stephen Bock

Kathleen Bock

Samantha Bohnstedt

Shawn Bohnstedt
Mr. and Mrs. PJ Bridges Jim and Rosemary Finneran
Ian Broad-White Julia Fisher

Richard and Jo Burdek

Gayle Goodrich

Jacob Burke

Patrick and Sarah DiGangi

Dr. Frank Byrne and Family

Valiant Foundation, Audrey Gerson

Fen-Lei Chang, MD PhD

Chung-Seng Lee MD and Shuishih Sage Lee MD

Dan and Viki Churchward

Joseph and Marjorie Motherwell

Judy Coles

Gene and Sandy Friedrich

Patrick Daley, MD

Scott Miller, MD

Bob and Sue Dettmer

Terry and Gretchen Breininger

Dr. Robert Dettmer

Arthur and Marcia Litton II

Rebecca L. Druley

Thomas Druley

Ann Eckert

David and Barb Rumsey
Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Nina and Narissa Finnen

Neil Finnen

Jim and Rosemary Finneran

Michael and Kristi Miller
Joseph and Marjorie Motherwell

Steve and Pam Fleck

Eric and Stephanie Hathaway

Dr. Nadine Floyd

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Dr. Jim Frey

Craig and Pamela Finlayson
Arthur and Marcia Litton II
Ed and Ann Martin

Don and Angie Garner

Eric and Stephanie Hathaway

Harriett Gebhard

Andrew Gebhard

Bonnie Gerstung

Debra Long

Ryan Gick

Heather Gick

Mary Gilliom

Nancy Gilliom

Larry Gore

Janet Peterson

Joseph and Jeanne Hammen

Susan Hammen

Chris and Molly Hartman 

Chris and Molly Hartman

Jessica and Ben Hayes

Greg Berghoff

Walter, Margaret, Vakey and Alfred J. Heinrich

Janet Luarde

Jim and Sue Henry

Scott Hamrick

Timothy Henry

Anthony M. Henry

Dr. Diane Hentz

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Dr. Matthew Hicks

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Larry Hoffman

Louise Hoffman

Elizabeth Hughes (90th Birthday)

Hohn Hamm, Jr

Joseph Jenkins

Mark and Leslie Piazza

Richard C. Johnson

F. Joan Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson

Susan Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kamer

Joyce (Poposka) Pacer

Gerry Kaufman

Linda Kaufman

Eloise Kelley

J. Michael and Roberta Kelley

Jack and Geneve Kitch

Dan Kitch

Mary Kummer

Joseph and Judith Diettrich

Amanda LaSalle

Rich and Joyce Kominowski

James Lawrence, DDS

Thomas and Susan Edsall

Dr. Bill Lewis

Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Smith

Michael J. Luarde, DDS

Frank Luarde

Louis Machall

Mary Machall

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo

George and Linnea Bartling
Julia Fike
Patricia O'Neill
Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Julie Mathey

Janice Stanski

Steve and Karla McArdle

Ann Eckert

Dr. Scott Miller

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Father Josh Long DDC Minister

Open Door Chapel

John Mitchell

Janet Mitchell

Dr. C. Morrison

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Dan and Celeste Motherwell

Joseph and Marjorie Motherwell

Marge Motherwell

Jim and Rosemary Finneran

Ermina Mustedanagic

Jeff Simerman

James Neff and Family

Joseph and Marjorie Motherwell

Gerry and Maury O'Daniel

Laura O'Daniel

Martha Oechsle

Harol Oechsle

Don and Reina Offerle

John Offerle

Jan Olson R.D.H.

Sandra Sims

Jean O'Shaughnessy

Avis and Francis Frellick

Mrs. Mary (Matuszek) Pacer

Joyce (Poposka) Pacer

Alex Platte

Donna Mertz

Jay Platte

Donna Mertz

Dr. Charles Florian Poposki, DDS

Joyce (Poposka) Pacer

Mrs. Claire (Gtowacka) Poposka

Joyce (Poposka) Pacer

JoEllen Reed

Donald Redd, Jr., MD

Mary Ann Rogers

Wayne Rogers

Jean Rooney

Sue Hackman

Mr. Joseph Samreta

Joyce (Poposka) Pacer

Ern "Mick" Schenher

Jeff and Vicki Schenher

Nancy Schenher-Green

Jeffrey and Vicki Schenher

Dr. Ronald Schringa

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Fr. Tom Schumaker

David and Cynthia Streicher

David and Sheryl Schleinkofer

Sue Hiatt

Paul E. Seybert

Hilda Seybert

Dr. Stafford

Lean Incremona

Dr. Alan Stephens

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Pat Syndram

Michael and Marcelire Rogers

Dr. Mark Tatara

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Geroge Tkacz

Kevin and Anne Tkacz

Dr. Vanderbosch

Lean Incremona

Dr. Timothy Van Der Leur

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Dr. Jeffrey Walker

Anthony and Joan Nern

Nick Walmer

Robert and Becky Walmer

John Watts

Mark and Cate Forbing

Dr. T. Eric White

Dr. Jack and Alice Siefert

Carole Young

Robert and Mary Young

Richard and Michael Zurbuch

Terri Zurbuch

All those who have died

Randal and Barbara Kirby

Baby Jesus

Donald and Ronda Kissling

The Carriage House

Dennis and Judy Donahue

Indiana Buddhist Temple Monks

Dr. and Mrs. Sisira Ranasinghe

The Kramers

Kathleen Wilson

The Matthew 25 Doctors

Robert Blackburn

Matthew 25 Love Clinic, Pathein, Burma

Neil and Diana Sowards

Matthew 24 40 Years of Service

Dan and Chris Arnold

Our Daughter

Robert and Joyce Walda

Our Employees

Reilley Trucking, Inc.


Paul Reszel

On behalf of St. Anthony

Gene and Kathleen Kohn