Person memorialized in color

Carol Achleman

Max and Carol Achlemann

Arthur Dan Aiken

James and Patricia DeMond

Tom Alexander

Shawn Bohnstedt

Charles Anderson

Lloyd and Edith Smith

Christena Anderson-Parrish

Charles Parrish

Tom and Mary Babel

Anthony and Joan Nern

Steve Barb

Matthew Barb & Catherine Chung

Vance Battershell

Rosemary Battershell

Richard Beam

Sandra Bartlett
Johnny and Kelly Boatright
Barbara Bower
Mary Brososky
Linda Bustamante
Denise Conrad
Monica Corpus
Carl and Mary Fowler
Betty Grimm
Bruce and Dyan Grimm
Steve Grimm
Patricia Hart
Bernie and MaeBelle Havens
Sue Rupp and Josh Ingojo
Mary Knight
Greg and Kelli Lee
Sara Nash
Stephen and Barbara Renz
Julie Serrani
Lynn and Donna Shady
Rose and Anita Simon
Doug and Sharon Sorg
Michelle Swygart
Gerald and Karen Wyss
Maurice Wyss
Professional Birthing Services

Louis and Hilda Becker

Rosalie Cummings

Dr. John P. Berger

Tom and Lori Hans
Kurt and Shirley Jordan
Linda Messmann
Charles adn Teresa Middleton
Dr. Mark and Laura Stetzel

Mary A. & Raymond A. Binns

Robert Binns

Everal and Rita Blanchette

Tim and Kathy Ryan

Carolyn Bohnstedt

Shawn Bohnstedt

Richard, Helen & Dennis Boterf

Janis Boterf

Jack Boyd, DDS

David and Janet Engle

Carolyn Brooks

Tom and Susan Johnson

Donald Brososky

Mary Lourine Brososky

Thomas Bueter

Phyllis Bush
Sean and Caryl Collentine
Rodger Rang
Donna Roof
Donald and Marsha Rumschlag

Dr. George J. Burcia

Cathleen Scott

Wei P. Chang

Chung-Seng Lee

Eugene Chmiel

David and Elizabeth Chmiel

Kenneth J. Clark, Jr.

Janet and Geary Clark

Karin Cramer

Doug and Pam Barcalow
Mark and Mary Beers
Mike and Nicole Berlay
Roy and Mary Gillion
Arvin and Ellen Grimm
Eric and Susan Heffley
Bernetta Hicks
Jim and Lesley Hoyman
Kim and Kowhne
Marceil Kryder
Joel and Gail Lugo
Jon and Megan Matheny
Raymond and Jean Miller
Olin and Rita Neuenschwander
Philip and Faith Schlatter
Paulette Sambaugh
Patricia Shank
Brady and Julie Smith
Lois Steiner
Steven and Sherrill Steininger
Ray and Judy Whitt
Olin and Maria Wiland
Willian and Stephanie Yost
Lauber Digital

Bob Crowell

Claude Keller, Jr.

Bessie Dennison

Bob and Sue Beaver
Don and Marilou Dormeier
David and Donna Driscoll
Max and Regina Limpert
Carolyn Moorman-Reed
Max and Connie Pollert
Lancia Homes
Heilman Agencies
James and Elaine Scheele

Derek M. Dennon

Tami Dennon

Keith A. Dunlap

Steve and Michelle Becker

Mary Ehinger

Kathleen Wilson

Glenn Eiden

Edward and Dawn Henline

Dr. Max Fetters

Rex and Kathy Connelly

Sam and Fern Fluke

Curtis and Marceil Poor

Stefan, Lottie, George and Dan Furman

Henry Furman

Carol J. Glass

John T. Glass

Sally Hake

Dr. James Frey

Linda Heimann-Andrews

Karen Heimann

Helen R. Heine

Karen Heine

Hensler and Schimmele Family

Steve and Sharon Hensler

Mary A. & Raymond A. Herb

Steven F. Herb

Jane Herber-Marin

Dennis and Kate Bragg

David A. Hess, Jr.

David and Karen Hess

Larry Hoffman

Louise Hoffman

Marjean Hormann

Sharon Miller

Helen Hull

Orthodontic Speciality Services

Ken Hutchinson

Carolyn Hutchinson

Todd, Jon and Eric Iott

Anthony and Ilene Iott

Gilford L. Johnson

Phyllis Oberlin

Gerry L. Kaufman

Linda Kaufman

Gerard Kelker

Sue Libbing

Jack and Geneve Kitch

J.D. Kitch, Jr.

Patricia Knight

Anne Casteen
Philana Cunningham
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Henney
Suzon Motz
Tom and Delaine Stump
Jim and Colleen Thomas

Joan Kohrman

Thomas and Karen Kohrman, Jr.
Karen Kohrman

Michael Kohrman

Susan Delaney
Marc and Yvette Dray
Thomas and Kathryn Felts
Lisa Girardot
Janet and Geary Hoy
Richard and Antionette Justice
Robert and Rebecca Kawiecki
Betty Kohrman
Jennifer Kohrman
Karen Kohrman
Thomas and Karen Kohrman, Jr.
Jerry and Bonnie Koos
Luanne Rayl
Julie Roberts
David and Carla Schaller
Donald Sell
Cornelia Louese Shideler
Douglas and Cynthia Taylor
Charles and Carolyn Welch
Weller, LLC
William and Linda Worl
Alan and Janice Zirkle

Thomas and Joan Kohrman, Sr.

Thomas Kohrman, Jr.
Karen Kohrman

John and Marjorie Koorsen

Ron Koorsen

Thaddeus Kurek

George & Phyllis Brinker
George & Linda Brinker

Doris Anne "Danny" Latz

Elfred Lampe, MD

Ray and Bonnie Lehman

Amy Lehman

Donald Lehrman

Phyllis Oberlin

Susan Lengacher

Keith and Michelle Amstutz
Dan and Sandi Bremer
Deloris Ehle
Tom and Lois Ehle
Rex Farver
Hank and Martha Gingerrich
Brian and Lori Grossman
John and Colette Kilgore
Sally Klotz
Tim and Billie Sue Lengacher
William Lengacher
Tom and Linda Lortie
Donna Wible
William and Sue Willard
James and Rita Zuber
New Haven Alumni Band
David and Jeanette Wells
Windsor Homes by Jeff Gilmore

Douglas J. Libey

Sally Libey

Adam Linhart

Glenn and Joyce Hile

Jennie Linhart

Glenn and Joyce Hile

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Litton

Arthur and Marcia Litton II

Scharline Lowery

Shawn Bohnstedt

Paul J. and Jeanette Madden

Patricia Madden

Maynard J. Mansfield

Sharon K. Slack

David E. Martin

Ray and Carol Angelo
Greg and Jeanine Childs
Colin Nacqueen
Donald and Sylvia Mason
Steven and Heather Schimmele
David and Norma Wade

Julie Mathy

Janice Stanski

Donna Maxwell

Colligan & Co.

Marcia L. McCrea

Timonthy J. McCrea

Dr. William F. Mead, DDS

Warren and Sharon Mead
Marianne Powell-Platt

Laura Merklein

Joanne Thoorsell

Steve Milam

David and Starr Barnett

Cleo Miller

Sharon Miller

James M. Momper

Judy Wannemacher

Cheryl Mowan

James and Marjorie Harvey

Jessica Murphy

James and Rosemary Finneran

Richard Murphy

Steve Murphy

Tony Myers

Linda Myers

Nancy Jo Nelson

Joanne Nelson

George E. Oberlin

Phyllis Oberlin

Alta Olsen

Ed and Frances Foskey

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Orum

E. Scott and Tracee Orum

Jean O'Shaughnessy

Barbara Duch

Phil and Jean O'Shaughnessy

Daniel and Sara Gebhart

Our Parents

Michael and Roberta Kelley

Betsy Pelfrey

Barbara Kraegel

Susan Pequignot

David and Susan Patton

Patricia Perkins

Warren Perkins

Diane R. Popp

Matthew and Nicole Meyer

Nancy Pruitt

David and Sherry Hardy

Rodger P. Rang

Rodger A. Rang

Ervin and Nadine Recht

Mark and Jeanine Recht

Pam Reece

Ronald Reece

Eugene Renninger

Vance and Michelle Renninger

Robert and Allen Reuille

Sheila Stoody

Stephen Reuille

Sue Libbing

Virgilene Rich

Gene and Lisa Miller

Gladys Riecke

Herman Riecke

Robert Rodman

Geraldine Rodman

Ian Rolland

Linda T. Martin

Joseph and Marjorie Ryan

Douglas and Maureen Campbell

Martha A. Ryan

Richard Ryan

Ronald E. Scheffer

Barbara Scheffer

Paulette E. Schoenberger

Michael J. Schoenberger

Virgil Shane

Margaret Shane

Irene Shelburne

Julianne Will

James Shields

Edwin Boknecht
Kenneth Edelbrock
Jerome F. Henry, Jr.
Jay and Patricia Jackson
Patricia Lucas
Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Donald and Florence Mauch
John Nichols
Jim and Sue Owen
James and Susan Poiry
Joseph and Kathy Schenkel
Philip and Carrie Schlink
Judy Schultz Springer
Marjorie Smith
Christopher & Lori Stock
Waterman Financial Services
Anthony Wayne Corporation
Kelly Box & Packaging Corp.
Old National Wealth Mgmt.

Earl and Mary Smith

Katherine Crabill

Spencer Smith

Kevin Leech and Deborah Hoehn

Michael Snyder

Thomas and Linda Stark

Louis and Agnes Sobasky

Scarlet Sobasky

Leo Somers

Homestead World Language Dept.

Harold Spunger

Mark and Katie Baeverstad
Donald and Kathryn Davis
Bernard Doden
Terrence & Margaret Dougherty
Thomas and Judith Guthrie
Carolyn Holsworth
Rose Marie Liechty
Tom and Cheryl Quandt
Ken and Sandy Reinhard
Bill and Sally Reynolds
Phillip and Carolyn Tyndall
Carolyn Warner
Marlene Zartman
Barrett McNagy

Min Steinbacher

Elaine Schafer

Angela Steinacker

Sue Libbing

Audrey Stier

Brian Stier

William Vandertulip

Tom and Denise Blackburn
M. M. Freed
David and Kim Holbrook
Betty Hood
Dan and Cindy Nestel
Deborah Overcash
Stan and Jean Parrish
Samir Sakonovic and Ermina Mustedanagic

Edith Wagner

Deborah Burns

Darlene Walker

Thomas Weimer

Sr. Helen Watkins, PHJC

Martha Smith

Bill Whitten

Jim and Dottie Wright

Dr. Thomas L. Winans

Gloria Winans

Bob Winkeljohn

Diane Winkeljohn

Virgil and Irene Wray


Ruth Wyss

James Wyss

David and Nicole Zimmerman

Gary and Martha Zimmerman


Person honored in color

Patricia Mae Adsit

Maestro Robert Nance

Theresa Arnold

David and Bette Worley

Bob and Laura Berghoff

Gregory Berghoff

John and Martha Berghoff

Gregory Berghoff

Rita Borchelt

Susan Metz

Donald Brames

Jerry and Laura Gerardot

Mr. and Mrs. PJ Bridger

James and Rosemary Finneran

Margaret Brooks and Barry Rochford

Tom and Susan Johnson

Bernard Centlivre

John and Adriana Centlivre

Judy A. Coles

Sandra Friedrich

Dan Copeland

Emily Burnworth

Don and Gloria Cox

Brian Cox

Dygert Siblings

Richard and Sylvia Manalis

Dr. Kent Farnsworth

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Pauline Flynn

David and Bette Worley

Dr. James Frey

Richard and Vera Doner
Craig and Pamela Finlayson

Harriett Gebhard

Andrew Gebhard

Samantha Glover

Shawn Bohnstedt

Paul Greene

Linda Maynard

Jane Greuter

Gregory and Brenda Zern

Dr. Glenn Hallberg

Laura Craig

Jessica and Ben Hayes

Gregory Berghoff

Dr. Diane Hentz

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Dr. Thomas Herendeen

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Dr. Matthew Hicks

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Larry Hoffman

Louise Hoffman

Dr. Thomas Hoffman, DDS

Sr. Therese Duclos

Robert W. Ingram

Torchmark Corporation

Fred and Kay Jehle

Bette Worley

Richard and Joan Johnson

Thomas Johnson

Theodore Jaworsky

Dr. and Mrs. Dominick Detommaso

John and Jan Kramer

Kathleen Wilson

John Lawrence

Jim and Kris Gill, Jr.

Dr. Kevin Leffers

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Louise, Rowan and Louretta

Kevin Miller

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo

William and Carolyn Townsend
H. Jack Siefert, MD
Jessica Hayes

Dr. Michael McCardle

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony McPike

Suzanne Libbing

Cathleen Meyer-Butler

Dr. J. Keith and Cathy Roberts
Indiana Dental Assistants

Dr. Scott Miller

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Mrs. Marge Motherwell

James and Rosemary Finneran

Nill Family

David and Bette Worley

Dr. John F. O'Brian, MD

John and Molly Adams

Katie O'Leary

Aaron and Michelle Villaruz

Dr. Reid Pflueger

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Alex and Michele Platte

Donnoa Mertz

Danny C. Ransbottom

Dorothea Ransbottom

Dr. Mohan Rao

Dorothy Burrows

Bishop Kevin Rhoades

Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters

Dr. Ronald Scheeringa

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Perry Shilts

Donald and Marilou Dormeier

Dr. Mark Tatara

Jack Siefert

Dr. John Trok

Shannon Summers

Martha Seidel

Heidi marks

Ms. Jan Venderly and Mr. Paul Stephens

Tom and Susan Johnson

Mike Walker

Thomas Weimer

Luann Watson

Paul and Lisa Fair

Dr. T. Eric White

H. Jack Siefert, MD

Matthew 25 and Love Hospital, Pathein, Burma 

Neil and Diana Sowards