Person memorialized in color

Robert R. Alderdice

Joanne Alderdice

David D. Allen

Eleanor Allen

Jordan Allen

Tim and Tina Allen

Jeanne Andres

Eugene and Susan Andert

Cynthia Anker

Robert Lill, Jr.

Felix and Betty Barylski

Dennis Barylski

Katherine Bauman

Dr. Douglas Arnold

Richard Beam

Mary L. Brososky

Suzy Beard

Mary Lou Arnold
Denise Conrad
Jim and Kriss Gill
Kent and Nancy Lochmueller
Ann Shive
Joyce Trabel

Jane Becker

Norma Crawford

Louis J. & Hilda Becker

Rosalie Cummings

Paul E. and Ruth L. Bercot

Steven and Lenka Bercot

Janet Lea Berry

Franics and Ann Frellick
Jeanie Rhoades
Carol Shedd
Hermine J. Van Nuis
Gary Willig

Jessica Besterda

Dairy Queen

Rita Bookmyer

Steve and Jan Alspaugh
Chris and Julie Beck
Terry and Julie Bobay
John and Adriana Centlivre
Louis and Fay Dearmond
Annette Diemer
Jo Ann Gardner
Gerald and Deborah Gordon
Eugene and Laura Johnson
Robert Schutte

Angela D. Branigan

Mary K. Modezjewski

Donald R. Briggs

Kristine Briggs-Connelly

Gerald Bush

James and Judy Sheron

Jerry Bush

Mary Jane Bush

Jane Bussick

Donald Bussick

Andrew Francis Comparet

Daniel Comparet

Nancy Coolman

Bradley and Shindok Coolman

Janice M. Cox

Mary Cox

William Creigh

Mary Ann Creigh

Isadore Crist

James and Carol Crist

Reed and June Curtis

Tim and Kathy Miller

Phyllis Doyle

Patrick Doyle

Michael Dunkin

James and Diane Gerencser

Phillip "Topp" Edwards

Sean Gleason

Eric Falbe

Judy Falbe

Kate Fetzer

Martha Widmer

Angela D. Finco

Arthur Finco

Dennis First

Sue Ann First

Sam and Fern Fluke

Curtis and Marceil Poor

Marshall Foelber

Douglas & Pat Bauman

Jeanne Franken

James Crouse
Nancy Fecher
Shirley Fecher
Todd and Victoria Fiandt
Eric Hassel
Harold and Rita Lowder
Rodger and Irene Sarrazin
Clinton and Sarah Wisniewski
Colligan and Company

Ralph & Marianne Frederick

Mike & Roberta Kelley

Martha Freed

Tammy Anderson
Pat Bechtold
Larry and Martha Berndt
Dianne Bezdon
Sherry Blake
Mary Blomeke
James and Katheen Bugert
Ken and Joan Carroll
Jerry and Janet Christoff
Molly Cooney
Dorothy Craig
Bonnie Fairfield
Jerry and Janie Falls
Ethel Freed and Family
Bonnie Gibson
Jerry and Clodine Heffley
Dennis and Terra Heffley
Barbara Hohman
Fay Holbrook
Betty Hood
Frederick Jordan
Wanita Lefever
Sharon Lewis
Bob and Sue Lucas
Heidi Marks
Janice and Donald Mathias
Richard and Kathy Miller
Jim and Diana Miller
Suanne Musser
Marilyn Myers
Ruth and Charles Osborn
Diane Ostheim
James and Michelle Phillips
Charles and Roberta Pickard
Carole Reynolds
Laura and Timothy Schiel
Pat Steinke
Tammy Strawbridge
Patricia and Steve Teegardin
Sue Ann Thompson
Jerry and Reta Todd
Raymond and Betty Treen
Connie Vollmar
Donald and Bonnie Walters
Garth and Kathleen Wilcox
Kenneth and Mary Zick

Robert J. Fritz

Robert and Denise Fairchild
Mollory Goodwin
Dennis and Mary Hackett
David and Sandra Poole

Joyce Fuller

Edwina Payne

Kathleen Lane Gleason

Sean Gleason

Colleen Griffith

F. Lauren Griffith

Catarina Guevara

Todd and Candice Chaffee

Ed and Leah Hager

Mark Hager

R. Dean Hall

Mary Hall

Daniel L. Hamlin

Nancy Hamlin

Jack and Betty Hanelin

Kathrine Crabill

Harry Hannie

Susan and Collin Holloway
John and Jacqueline Kohrman

Lillian and Cedric Hardy

David and Sherry Hardy

Jeanne K. Hare

Joanne Thoorsell

Joyce Heilman

George Heilman

Jim Heiselmann

Brenda Frankenhoff
Ruth Bowman & Dorothy Graham
Marsha Graham & Gregory Banicki
Thomas Graham
Larry and Mary Keeling

Thomas E. Helmkamp

Dave and Pat Helmkamp

Dayton Hensel

Jeffrey and Heidi Fields

Sharon Hensler

Stephen Hensler

Ofelia Herrero

Michael Barnet

Larry Hoffman

Louise Hoffman

Sergio Huera

David Davis

Homer and Opal Jones

Ben Clemmer

Ralph and Elizabeth Jordan

Tom and Susan Pallone

Stanley and Theresa Jozwiak

Bernie and Lois Jozwiak

Margaret Larkin Karst

Diane Karst

Gerry L. Kaufman DDS

Linda Kaufman

James & Eloise Kelley

Mike & Roberta Kelley

Mrs. Lorene Kelley

Barbara Kraegel

Jo Ann Kemery

Ron and Ruth Nofzinger

Michael H. Kinder, Jr.

Sandra Kinder

Elmer and Jeanette Klausing

Kenneth and Jenice Klausing

William Knorr

Gerald and Helen Dahle
Thomas and Janell Knorr
Ronald and Colleen Lester
Judith Lopshire
Ed and Anne Lovett
Dr. Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Judy Potosky
Carol Shedd
John and Mary Stiker
Dr. and Mrs. Shillip Tyndall
Gordon Walter
Jason Fritcha and Dawn York

Tim Koesters

Kathleen Bennett
Elizabeth Callant
Linda Clinkenbeard
Jerry and Marilyn Goeglein
Karen Koesters
Lonn Maly
William and Debra Shinn
Cynthia Spisak
Dennis and Linda Troy
Kevin & Kathleen Ward

Thomas P. and Joan M. Kohrman

Thomas and Karen Kohrman

Michael Kohrman

Thomas and Karen Kohrman

Judi Krider

Scott and Tanya St. Louis

Rita Kulb

Penny Long

Don Lahrman, DDS

John and Judith Ellis
James Frey
Daniel and Cathy Galey
James and Sharon Gates
Jack, Laura and Michael Lahrman
Jon and Kathleen Lassus
Dale and Betty Nobis
Donald and June Rush
Deb Stefanik
Joe, Deb and Rachel Steinbacher
Martie Adelman and Marc and Molly Schneider
Dr. Leamon and Joyce Williams
Visiting Nurse

David Lassus

Donald and Marilou Doemeier
Michael and Laura Rowe

Jewel LaVigne

Arthur and Phyllis Burns

Sue Lengacher

David and Jeanette Wells

Stephen Libbing

Suzanne Libbing

Robert Lockwood

Regina Blanchette
Dennis and Sandra Burk
Gregory and Corine Erlandson
Janet Swing & Family

Eugene Lowden

Anna Lowden

Paul and Leslie Lillis

Mark and Leslie Piazza

Gerald and Mae Maloney

RJ and Barbara Maloney

Maxnard J. Mansfield

Sharon Slack

Grace Mastrangelo

Stan Abramowski

Kyle Mathy

Janice Stanski

Marilyn McDougle

Cyndi Kelly

Bea and Carter McLaughlin

Margaret Williams

Raymond and Odelle Michalak

Daniel Michalak

La Nell Miller

Dick and Judy Meyer

Matthew Miller

John Martin

Virgilene Miller

Gene and Lisa Miller

Aloyse Moritz

George Martin

Joe and Jennie Morreale

Pete and Jennie Morreale

Joan Mostes

Mary Dwire

Bertha Myers

Patricia Madden

Allen Nance

Robert Nance

Lloyd Ness

Mark and Jeanna Hagen

Marie Nowlan

Janete Bequeaith
Kath Botteron
Robert and Margaret Bower
Thomas and Betty Braun
Keith and Shelia Burns
Virginia Casey
Susan Diefenbach
Donald and Marlene Durick
Dana Gibbs
Maggie Gutowsky
Linda Helmer Jones
Kevin and Pam Hendryx
William Hoot
Henry and Jean Janda
Bob and Janet Joyce
Cecelia Kimball
Elbert and Pamela Lindsey
George Makovic
Richard and Leann McGee
Theodore Miller
Richard and Betty Passino
William and Helen Poure
Mary Quillin
David and Barbara Reidy
Michael and Judith Reifenberg
Larry Rich
Robert and Elizabeth Schemm
Thomas and Dorothy Schuerman
Karen Selzer
Tim and Patsy Skelton
David Woehnker
Thomas and Lisa Wood
Steve and Kacy Wyngarden

Dave Obergfell

David and Luanne Obergfell

Richard "Dick" Omlor

William and Dawnda Dillon
Jack and Catherine Krouse
Dave Meek
Janet Nahrwold
Penny Reese
Lanny and Nell Ross
Cammy Smith
Kelly Sturm
CRST Specialized Transporation

Vern Otte

Thomas and Elaine Maher

Betty L. Overhiser

Donald and Roseann Simmons

C. James Owen

Susan Owen

Eugene Parker

William Ihssen

Ruby Parker

Phyllis Oberlin

Barbara Peppler

Mary K. Modezjewski

Patricia Perkins

Warren Perkins

Stanley and Theresa Podzielinski

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo, MD

Lucille Popp

John F. Popp

Michael Recht

Mark Recht

John L. Redwanski

Susan Frisch

Jerry Relue

Jane Relue

Dawn Resz

Julia Harber

Laura Rice

Robin Hubbard

Thomas Richards

Sally Dietz

Arnold and Gladys Riecke

Herman and Nancy Riecke

Joseph and Marjorie Roth

Michael and Jennifer Roth

August and Marian Schultz

Jerry and Jeanne Brickley

Nancy Schweigert

Peter Schweigert

Janice Shank

Joan Bobay
Ardelle and Marian Finken
Thomas and Cinda Gerbers
Wilbur and Monica Shank
Sharon Walche
Phillip H.
Franke Park Neighbors
Orizon Real

Philip M. Shank

Carol Shank

Alice Siefert

Ann Eckert

Gloria Simich

Dr. Matthew Barb and Dr. Catherine Chung

James Spieth

Elizabeth Burkhart

Nicolas Stein

Margaret Stein

Russell Stieglitz

Thomas Stieglitz

Joseph Stoody, Jr.

Sheila Stoody

Charles and Iris Storms

Tamera Long

Steve Swygart

Michelle Swygart

Eric Teegardin

Larry and Mary Ann Anderson
Roger and Gwen Baker
Kevin and Beth Krohn
Henry and Jean Krohn
Donald and Mary Jo Light

George Tkacz

Kevin and Anne Tkacz

John and Ruth Truesdell

Walter and Cheryl Truesdell

Bill Voors

Debra Voors

Mary M. Waite

Joel Waite

Mr. and Mrs. Wei Ping Chang

Chung and Sage Lee

Charlene Wenzel

Christopher Jozwiak

Robert Windoffer

Phyllis Oberlin

Paul Witte & Donald Stone

Mark and Kristine Witte

Martha Wright and Tom Wilson

Tim and Kim Wright

Ruth Wyss

James Wyss

Felipe Trivellato Rodrigues

Dr. Matthew Barb and Dr. Catherine Chung

The Kramers

Kathleen Wilson


Cookie Cottage

Maury, Lucy and Dick

Mary Lourine Brososky


Person honored in color

Narmada Akshat Pratap

Kathy Hughes-Klinger

Charles Anderson

Llyod and Ethel Smith

Theresa Arnold

David and Bette Worley

Karen Baumert

Katherine Crabill

Suzy Beard

Frank and Denise Mikulski

Bissonnette Family

David and Mary Gillig

Dr. Tom Blake

David and Vivian Slosson

Tom Blee

Joe and Dene Dahm

Anne Capito

Sheil Dominic Capito

Ross and Georgiana Cater

Richard and Renee Cater

Ronald Costa

Margaret Costa

Helen Crist

James and Carol Crist

Dr. Bob Dettmer

Arthur and Marcia Litton II

Rosie Doctor

Vito and Nancy Coletto

Mirza Dogo

Mirza Dogo

Kent Farnsworth, MD

Judith Gerardot

Pauline Flynn

David and Bette Worley

Dr. James Frey

Craig and Pamela Finlayson

Rod Griffin

Linda Alt
Jacob and Lauren Benedict
Marie Elena Lyon
Bonnie Niemann
Stephen Perfect
Robert and Nancy Schantz
Hermina VanHelfteren

Jeanne Hare

Joanne Thoorsell

Chris and Molly Hartman Family

Chirs and Molly Hartman

Thomas Jacobi

Paula Duncan

Mary Jeffries

William Jeffries

Margaret Karst

Diane Karst

Lynn Kurek

Patrick Geise

Lilly Lovelace

Nancy Adkisson

Brandon Mayo

Toni Mayo

Tom Menze

James and Patricia Bobay

Sandy Miller

Gill and Cheri Bearman

Doris Mills

Scott Mills

Richard Murphy

Steve Murphy

Mary and John Newbauer

Sally Dietz

Marg Norton

Ronald and Kelli Norton

Don and Reina Offerle

John Offerle

Nancy Pruitt

David and Sherry Hardy

Rick and Yvonne Ramsey

Hermine Van Nuis

Annie Scheumann

Vito and Nancy Coletto

Gideon S. Smith

Keston Smith

Chrissy Stephan

Denise Conrad

Rex Swartz

Patrick Swartz

John M. Wallace, MD

James Crouse

Judy Wannemacher

Jerry and Joyce Briner

Maury and Lucy Wyss

Mary L. Brososky

Scott and Rita Zehr

Elmer and Martha Kamm


Larry and Ellen Till

Reilley Trucking Employees

Reilley Trucking, Inc.