Person memorialized in color

Jordan Allen

Tim and Tina Allen

Ravana "Mickey" Andrews

Ernestine Morrison
Robert, Diane, & Ernestine Morrison

Karen Baumert

Katherine Crabill

Sue Beard

John and Mary Newbauer

Heather Blickendorf

Marcia Leffers
Gloria Mertens

Kent Brames

John and Karen Bauman
John and Anita Bowers
Robert and Janice Cayot
Mike and Ann Marie Dammeyer
Phyllis Fitzgerald
Millie, Diane, & Staci Harper
Paul and Beth Kline
Albert and Edna Panal
Herman and Cindy Salway

Barbara Burt

Suzanne Libbing

Thomas Cooney

Neil Bryson
John and Adriana Centlivre
Dain and Deborah Christensen
Shelly Kosiarek
Robert and Dianne Pierce
Thomas and Sarah Pietzak
James and Anne Vought
Patricia Vought
Daniel and P.A. Vought
Jerry and Lavon Womack

Bob Crockett

Jo Gordon

Susana Cuellar

George and Melissa Rife

Derek Dennon

Tamila Dennon

Marshall and Agnes Didier

Thomas Didier

Alice Ferguson

Mike and Carol Fisher
Daniel and Ann Richards

Alice Franz

Debra Breunling
Allen & Vicki Bridges
Richard and Dorothy Burrows
Elaine Cowen
Mary Franz
Opal Freiburger
Karen Klimczak
Louise Magoon
David and Renee Milligan
Roberta Tierney

Ralph and Marianne Frederick

Mike and Roberta Kelley

Martha Freed

Paul Berndt

Judy Frey

Bob and Debbie Arnold
Walter and Susan Asp
Fred and Joyce Augspurger
Marsha Baltes
Michael and Janet Bangert
James and Ellen Barr
Howard and Charlotte Bash
Gordon and Patricia Bell
David and Mary Ann Berry
Sandra Bible
Don and Beth Bieberich
Darrell and Constance Blanton
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Blanton
Ann Bobilya
Gretchen Bonsib
Esther Boyd
Linda Buskirk
Ron and Linda Buskirk
Stephen Chapman
Kathleen Christensen
Mark and Karen Dixon
Buff and Kathryn Dormeier
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dormeier
Patsy Dumas
John and Sharon Fallon
James and Jeannette Fallon
Richard and Joellyn Fox
Liz Frederick
Shirley Gage
Todd and Cathy German
Tom and Amy Gilbert
Paul nad Lynn Greve
John Heingartner
Roger and Nancy Hoot
Noel and Carol Hupp
David and Nancy Joest
James & Constance Karlowicz
Dan and Sarah Kitch, Jr.
Jim and Jennie Klinger
Barbara Kraegel
Dr. and Mrs. Lahrman
Jon and Kathleen Lassus
Bob and Sandra Lemon
Louise Linnemeier
Arthur and Marcia Litton II
Carol Krull Lupke
Nancy Mann
Gregory Mannia
Edward and Anne Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Martin
Michael Mastrangelo, MD
Philip and Marjorie McClure
Don and Carol Menze
Craig and Judith Miller
Richard and Pamela Miller, DDS
Michael and Betsy Motter
Jimmy and Gloria Nash
Edward Neufer
Edward and Anne Neufer
Sally Norton
Michael Parrott
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Platt
James and Rise Potts
Gary Probst
Alan and Lenoa Richards
Phil and Tracy Roach, DDS
Michael and Laura Rowe
John and Carol Ryan
Richard Ryan
Robert and Martha Schreck, DDS
James and Linda Seney
Mary Scrogham
William and Carolee Shinn
Ralph Sisco
Marilyn Standford
Bill and Sue Swift
Richard and Sheli Taulbee
Dave and Mary Tyndall
Roger and Brenda Valliere
Andrew Vogel
David and Christine Waldrop
Charles and Carolyn Welch
Stephen and Keitha Wesner
Diane Williams
Galen and Janice Williams, DDS
Leamon and Joyce Williams
Dave and Barb Wright
The Richard Family
Auburn Dental Associates
Orthodontic Specialty Services
Stetzel Dental Services
The Zacher Company

Sabina Gaskill

Clyde and Renee Bowlin
Virginia Hakes Family
Joyce Ann Morrison
Dianne Parrett
Marjorie Purdy
Tom and Carol Sappenfield
Bret & Susan Wa
Al and Sharon Wells
King's Daughters and Sons

Lloyd Hagedorn

Nancy Riecke

John L. Hamer

Esther Hamer

Jerry Holloway

Rita Holloway

Vincent Kapocius

Joe and Mary Collins
Craig and Terry Hall
Jeanette Hatfield
Judy Kiess
Kathryn Lemish
Ed and Carol Lubomirski
Tom and Marna Ternet
Maplecreek Middle School Faculty

Jim and Eloise Kelley

Mike and Roberta Kelley

Allan and Anthony Kern

Carol Kern

John Kinder

Arlene Kinder

Shirley Laser

Paul and Diana DeMond

Bonnie & Ed Lentz

William Lentz

Herbert Long

Stephanie Waldron

Steve Long

Doug and Pat Bauman

Cynthia Maguire

Gary and Cindy Andrew
Brian Butler
Alan and Rene Castleman
Karen Couture
Allen & Caroline Dewey
Anne Ehrmann Ehinger
Josh and Shanna English
Christopher & Carolyn Henry
Josh Horning
Helen Huff
Michael Litchin
Ed and Carol Lubomirski
Debbie Lucyk
Stewart and Debbie Schenkel
Joe and Maria Sciole
Rita Smith
Scott and Beth Ann Spisak
Tony and Lynn Till

Frank Merklein

Joanne Thoorsell

Andy Minick

Clare Minick

Robert Mills

Scott Mills

Dave Morningstar

Mark and Karen Kraning

Tom and Joan North

Joanne Thoorsell

Randy Blaine Odier

Amy Opliger Fritze

Dick Omlor

All Seasons

Patricia and Rick Perkins

Warren Perkins

Dr. James Platt

Marianne Powell-Platt

Dr. Carlos Quiroz Idiaquez

Jeffrey and Amalia Kline

Arlene Rath

Myron and Freida Magee

Patrick Ripley

Norma Hoffman
Fort Wayne Radiology

Joel Roach

Jeffrey and Julie Cusick

Sara L. Rogers

Janet Grepke

Jean Striecher

Mary Dwire

Robert Throckmorton

Cathy Voors

Jane Till

Stephen Till

Erik Victor Tomusk

Dolores Tomusk

Cecelia Voirol

Gary Voirol

James Weber

Rita Weber

Mary E. Widmer

Mark Bickel

Karl Willette

Scott Habben

Claire O. Windoffer

Phyllis Oberlin

Doris Zink

Kenneth and Elsie Koennemann


Person honored in color

Bushong and Moreno families

Phyllis Jackson

Jane Bussick

Donald Bussick

Paige and Lauren Didier

Thomas Didier

Henry and Joyce Fuller

Edwina Payne

Sue Mertz and Miriam Marksberry

Ernest and Miriam Marksberry

Stacy Mell

Martha Butler

Fr. Ben Muhlenkamp

Geraldine Rodman

Phil O'Shanassey

Thomas Sokolik & Sonja Aghanbekin

Edward Timm

Margaret Timm

Lou Ann Pfeifer-Wilcox

Dale and Jean Vandegriff

Patty Witte & Sally Stone

Mark and Kristine Witte